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Cycling Paths In Downtown Ottawa

This is one of the many questions we get from people as some of the most popular things to do in Ottawa during the warmer  months are cycling, walking or jogging (especially before enjoying one of our sumptuous breakfasts).  Albert House Inn is in a great location in downtown Ottawa for easy walking not only to many of outstanding national attractions, businesses, great shopping and dining choices but access to one of the largest networks of pathways in North America is just a five minute stroll away.

Ottawa’s Capital Pathways has more than 300 kilometres of recreational paths which connect parks, museums and attractions in Ottawa.  The paths will soon be ready for use as they are cleared and repaired every spring and are usually open to walkers, joggers and cyclists by May 1st.

All you need to do is go west on Albert Street (go out the front door and turn left), cross the street to the north at the intersection, continue west through the lights and as soon as you get to the next street which is half a block (Commissioner) turn north (right) and you will see the Fleet Street Pumping Station.

Albert House Inn